Hi there, I’m Lena!

I’m a third culture kid who is living out this part of my life on the majestic island of Samoa, serving as a Primary Education Literacy Resource Teacher with the Peace Corps.

My life has pulled me across continents and countries, so “home” ranges from Bojangles in North Carolina to Koshary El Tahrir in Egypt, with pitstops in Texas and Florida (for the BBQ, and beaches, respectively).

I’m a proud alumna of Appalachian State University (2013) and the University of Southern California (2017). Both institutions have played a vital role in not only my education, but in fostering this desire to serve others by encouraging me to constantly seek out opportunities to implement my teaching skills and passion for learning with my global perspectives and interests. Lessons in Ubuntu is not only a blog, but a reminder  that I am; because of y’all*.

Feel free to follow along as I document this adventure, one post at a time!

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.36.31 PM

* Y’all (/jɑːl/ yahl) is a [Southern] contraction of you and all (sometimes combined as you-all). It is used as a plural second-person pronoun.

Y’all means ALL.


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