Celebrating How Far I’ve Come

Happy One Year Anniversary!

This week, one year ago, I started this blog to document my journey serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Samoa. Re-reading my first post now is a humble reminder of my intentions behind using this as an outlet to share about my personal experiences. I’m renewed with a sense of hope and purpose for the next 15 months.

“Time is an illusion.”

― Albert Einstein

I’m reminded of that “illusion” constantly. While some days drag on, the weeks, months, and now year, are adding up and flying by. I’ve found that from day-to-day, I like to focus on what’s occurring in my life at that moment. I’ve found that being here now is what’s important.

However, I took a moment today to think about my journey here. I looked back at how far I’ve come from that emotional wreck two-weeks out from departure and I’m blown away.

As someone who is always on the go and planning my next steps, I had no idea that life in Samoa would throw me this curveball called “Island Time,” but boy, am I grateful for it.

It’s with this free time that I am able to look back and see how much I’ve changed and grown (and how I’ve been able to read 60 books) since being here. I feel as if I’m a more confident and caring person. I also feel that I’ve grown in my self-awareness. I just feel more like the person I’m meant to be.

I’ve accomplished so many things —both big and small— in the past year, but even in the past few months. It’s incredible to take a moment to breathe and acknowledge the incredible ways I’ve changed and start looking forward to how I’ll recognize myself next year, nearing the end of my Peace Corps commitment.


We’ve all come a long way being here and I’m thankful for my support system here. We’re all worthy of pausing and looking back on our journeys and celebrating our growth and change and anticipating what’s to come in the next year.

While I’m in no means a videographer and after a littleLOT ofnagging encouragement from my mama (I MISS YOU TERRIBLY!!) to share a video of what my daily life is like here in Samoa, I finally made one! It’s quite different from the pictures and videos I share on Facebook and Instagram, but I feel it’s a little more insightful since it shows a non-glamorous/un-edited glimpse into my daily life here. SA LĒ FILTER. Enjoy…

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